Let's Get On The Same Side

Siding for your multi-family residence, apartment complex, or mixed-use buildings is a must. Not only does siding protect your property from the elements and help to prevent structural damage, it can also help to reduce your energy costs. Did we mention it adds character too?

We’ve forged loyal partnerships with the largest material suppliers in the market to innovation and provide solutions to any design or application concept. We follow all manufacturers specifications to the letter to ensure you’re project is fully covered by QBT’s warranty as well as the manufacturer’s warranty.

Don’t Forget our $0 Change Order Guarantee

There is nothing that can cause more frustration than multiple change orders and the ballooning project costs associated with them. So, long before your project starts, we consider before we construct to ensure your goals are met without any surprises.

Bring in QBT during pre-construction and we’ll work collaboratively with your team to address design, materials, construction budgeting, scheduling, life cycle, and operating costs at no cost to the project. Once budgets are set and we move to contract, we can confidently take your job from inception to completion with our $0 Change Order Guarantee.

*QBT Companies $0 Change Order Guarantee is subject to the following conditions: QBT Companies will provide all materials and labor services for project completion; QBT Companies will participate in the pre-construction project phase, in advance of project start; Original Scope of Work is kept intact with negligible adjustments.

Client reserves the right to make significant changes to the Scope of Work (increases and decreases of any kind) and alterations in material selections. Significant changes to the Scope of Work will render the $0 Change Order Guarantee null and void. QBT Companies shall make no changes in the work without issuance of a written change order that is first executed by both QBT Companies and Client’s Representative. Client will not pay for verbal change orders.

QBT Companies must obtain written change orders or, at minimum, email authorization of additional fixed-price change order work BEFORE proceeding with any additional work or any variations in specified materials. QBT Companies shall mark up additional work 15% for profit and overhead. Additionally, Client shall be credited QBT Companies’ profit and overhead at the same rate as noted in the sentence above, on all deductive change orders and on work deleted from the contract by Client.

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