Pre-Construction Strategy

Breed Fewer SurpriseS & Foster Teamwork

At QBT, we like to believe that every project can be completed with minimal if any change orders. But that all starts during pre-construction with your team. It’s why we assemble early and listen to your ideas and contributions. We want to understand your team goals and ensure that no good idea falls to the wayside. Then, we can translate your goals into a clear and concise Scope of Work and plan of action that addresses everything from design, materials, and construction budgeting to scheduling.

Whether you were awarded the project or are simply trying to set baseline budgets to win the award, we’re ready to assist to matter the project phase.

Our QBT Pre-Construction Strategy process includes:

Constructability Review

QBT works collaboratively with you, the client, architects, and engineers to develop and evaluate blueprints and architectural drawings, leveraging our valuable industry knowledge to help build a property that meets both budgetary goals and your end-customer’s needs.

Value Engineering

By carefully considering the range of building systems, assemblies, lifecycle costs, maintenance costs, and schedule implications early in the pre-construction process, QBT can make timely and cost-saving recommendations that positively impact investments and schedules, while preserving the integrity of your property.

Estimating and Budgeting

Developing accurate project estimates early in the pre-construction process is vital to construction planning. Collectively, estimates will allow all teams to move forward with a concrete understanding of the Scope of Work to complete the job and achieve business goals. We bring the added bonus of our QBT $0 Change Order Guarantee* to reassure you that when QBT is involved in pre-construction, your budget is set in stone.

Pre-Construction, Construction Phasing, and Delivery Schedule

QBT will work with you to develop a schedule for your project, including all pre-construction and construction milestones, critical path items, site constraints and deliveries. Plus, all free of commissioning.

Pre-Qualification of Subcontractors

Our industry experience has allowed us to build lasting partnerships with properly qualified subcontractors and suppliers who complete every job with the utmost integrity, reliability, high-quality output.

What Else Can We Do?

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